Fundamentals of striking footwork. Part 1
In this video I teach how to correctly train your footwork while maintain proper structureI.

Benefits- Increased bodily awareness – One with superior footwork is able to attain an optimal position against an opponent. Allowing you to eliminate a few of his weapons, while maximizing your options and  effectiveness.

Key point*

– #1 Tuck your chin in and roll your shoulders forward to minimize the target are, this will decrease the chances of a knockout strike landing.

-#2 Feet move simultaneously, think of an elastic band being tied around both your ankles, when one leg and foot moves the other follows instantly.

-#3 Hands at your eyebrows. Regularly check in to the positioning of your guard. To better maintain a kinesthetic awareness of your hands: connect your thumb to your eyebrows.

1 drill, 3 written tips, and a gold mine of information in a video. This is quite a load of material. Take your time when training to correctly ingrain the new motor skills learned. Just because someone else is watching it does mean its time to impress. Focus on yourself.