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Muay Thai Kru, Fitness coach, Canadian National Fighter 


Kru Warwick Fulke was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He started Martial Arts in ITF Tea-Kwon-Do and spent his childhood years training until he atained his 1st Dan Black Belt, winning a World Championship gold medal in the Black Belt division in the proccess.  Warwicks passion and discipline grew and he desired to further his knowledge and capability to challenge his skill sets, thus transitioning to Kick Boxing and Muay – Thai. He trained full time in his early teenage years and began to compete in Muay Thai and K1 Style fighting.  Within a few years time his discipline, hardwork and commitment to the art itself enabled him to rise in rank and capture the Ontario Provincial Tittle, followed by a National Canadian Tittle. He was selected to represent Team Canada in 2017 in Mexico and is currently representing Team Canada Muay Thai for the 2018-2019 season International fights competing at the highest level of Muay Thai in the world.

 Self Discipline Is Freedom – Warwick 

Fitness Instructor

 Arete – ( Greek term ) Its basic sense, means “excellence of any kind” The term also means “Moral virtue”.  The act of living to ones potential.  The Mind, Body, and soul must be developed and prepared to live a life in accord with arete. 

Holistic Nutritionist

Be your greatest version of yourself.

Transform your Mind and Body in 60 days. No equipment required, only steady commitment and effort.

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